Applications are now available online at our secure website

We use Trans Union's for our credit and background checks.  It costs $35/applicant, and each person 18+ must complete one.  You'll need a credit card to pay for the credit check.

Couple things to note :

1. Bad credit or no credit?  That won't necessarily reject your application.  We look at each individual circumstance and decide from there.  Things like medical bills can happen to anyone -- we know that, and most of the time can overlook those kinds of credit problems.  If you've had 27 accounts sent to collections for no apparent reason than you simply don't pay your bills, well -- probably a waste of time and money to apply.  We will expect people to pay on time, and if you have run out on everyone else in your past, then we don't want to join the ranks of your unpaid creditors.

2. Same criteria for criminal background stuff.  If you've had a DUI or some other minor offense, we can overlook those.  A background check that reveals several felonies, a tendency to operate drug labs, etc -- again, don't bother.  We run a nice little community here and intend to keep it that way.

Bear Lodge Cabins is a subsidiary of Randall Scott Enterprises, where we got our start in Salt Lake City, UT.  Our website there is and you can click this link to get right to the secure application page.   Or, if you happen to be considering a move to Salt Lake, see what we might have available there for rent!